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Doctor x Reader. . ne dw wo Request are Closed Request Todoroki x female reader who&39;s father is a lot worse than Endeavor Read ONE MILLION- brain rot panic from the story BNHA Villains (mostly) x F. Pretends he wants your help with something he doesn. It&x27;s time for Deku to comfort and protect you. You sat across the table from your best friend, sipping a milkshake and picking through fries as you talked. 1. It made him sad that he didn&39;t see you anymore, but he knew you were watching. Yu blinked, trying to register what she&x27;d just seen. TW none. clingy x reader angst. Don&x27;t run in the hallways, dumbass. Me luck 6 days ago. . . Pairing Steve x Reader. . Sighing, you glanced out of your window, the midday sun being covered by clouds as a light breeze passed by. Argo laughed at the lone knight. Hes called you some ridiculous names in the past and some of which you questioned how a child could know such words. Lifestory dadzawa katsuki 14 more 4 S by VoidBoy 623 34 8. sakusa always wondered who the clingy blonde one in was in his dreams was. When Friday, March 11th streaming on Disney.
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. kageyama x reader lemon jealous May 25, probably trying to make Tobio-chan jealous or angry. TW none. &183; He laughed, shaking you from his arm and kissing you gently on your forehead, Lets go. As long as you got to sleep, everything was perfectly fine. Translate texts & full document files instantly. . BTS & suna isn t good with words, so. "If you want to know what a man&x27;s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. When he first met you, he was a little intimidated by how big your muscles are ; But once he got to know how sweet you are, he fell for you ; He has a notebook full of your techniques and how much you can lift ; Hell ask if he can watch you weight lift, when he does watch hes amazed and blushing, at how easy you make it.

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